What is the UEQ?

The User Experience Questionnaire (UEQ) allows a quick assessment of the user experience of interactive products. The format of the questionnaire supports users to immediately express feelings, impressions, and attitudes that arise when they use a product.

The scales of the questionnaire cover a comprehensive impression of user experience, i.e. measure both classical usability aspects (efficiency, perspicuity, dependability) and user experience aspects (originality, stimulation).

Interpretation of the scales:

  • Attractiveness: General impression towards the product. Do users like or dislike the product? This scale is a pure valence dimension.
  • Efficiency: Is it possible to use the product fast and efficient? Does the user interface looks organized?
  • Perspicuity: Is it easy to understand how to use the product? Is it easy to get familiar with the product?
  • Dependability: Does the user feel in control of the interaction? Is the interaction with the product secure and predicable?
  • Stimulation: Is it interesting and exciting to use the product? Does the user feel motivated to further use the product?
  • Novelty: Is the design of the product innovative and creative? Does the product grab users attention?

It is important that users see the items of the UEQ in their native language. Thus, several language versions of the UEQ are available in the download area of this page.